The Shield - Bracelet
The Shield - Bracelet
The Shield - Bracelet
The Shield - Bracelet
The Shield - Bracelet
The Shield - Bracelet
The Shield - Bracelet
The Shield - Bracelet
The Shield - Bracelet

The Shield - Bracelet

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"No words of insult will enter. No force of evil will overcome. No darkness will blacken my light. I won't be touched and I will not fall. Nothing can harm my heart or torment my mind. For I'm protected... I'm the barrier of my life. The shelter of my soul. The Shield... of my fate."


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A rough, powerful bracelet with a base of copper, layered with melted sterling silver. Every bracelet is handmade and therefore unique.

Made from 1 mm (0.04") copper plate.

Sizes: (Circumference of wrist/forearm)

** Please, before you place your order, make sure you understand our sizes and that you have taken measurements where you intend to wear the jewelry. As mentioned below, our jewelry is handmade from scratch and made to order. To be careless on this point may risk in extra time and costs (both to you and us) due to recrafting, resizing and resending. **

14-15 cm (5.5" - 5.9")

15-16 cm (5.9" - 6.3")

16-17 cm (6.3" - 6.7")

17-18 cm (6.7" - 7.1")

18-19 cm (7.1" - 7.5")

19-20 cm (7.5" - 7.9")

* Every product is crafted by hand and made to order. Allow approximately 2-4 weeks of production time before your order is shipped. Depending on the product and the current ordering queue this time may be shorter or longer. If the order intake is very high at the moment, this will be notified either on the website or by e-mail after your order have been placed.

Note: Due to the bracelets crafting process the surface texture will differ from the product images. Every bracelet is truly unique.

The standard form for our bracelets is of an oval shape. If you know that you have a flatter or entirely round shape of your arm, please include this in the “Message” option when you place your order. By informing us about this, we can ensure a better fit for you. Thank you!

CARE NOTICE!: The bracelet is oxidized during the crafting process, any attempt to clean your bracelet will/may risk its original appearence.