Free Spirit - 3 banded bracelet
Free Spirit - 3 banded bracelet
Free Spirit - 3 banded bracelet
Free Spirit - 3 banded bracelet

Free Spirit - 3 banded bracelet

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"The will of the free, is the way of dreams."


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A sterling silver bracelet made with the same kind of irregular shapes as the Perfect Imperfect rings. This bracelet has three banded rings.
Every bracelet is handmade and unique.

Made from 3 mm (0.12") silver thread.


** Please, before you place your order, make sure you understand our sizes and that you have taken measurements where you intend to wear the jewelry. As mentioned below, our jewelry is handmade from scratch and made to order. To be careless on this point may risk in extra time and costs (both to you and us) due to recrafting, resizing and resending. **

Diameter: 60 mm (2.36")
Circumference: 188 mm (7.4")

Diameter: 65 mm (2.55")
Circumference: 204 mm (8")

Diameter: 70 mm (2.75")
Circumference: 220 mm (8.65")

* Every product is crafted by hand and made to order. Allow approximately 1-2 weeks of production time before your order is shipped. Depending on the product and the current ordering queue this time may be shorter or longer. If the order intake is very high at the moment, this will be notified either on the website or by e-mail after your order have been placed.

Note: If you desire a different size than the choices listed above, either contact us or leave your request as a "Message" at the checkout.