About us

The Company

Jonna Jinton Jewelry is a company in cooperation with Jonna Jinton Sweden. It was originally founded by Jonna Jinton, a widely known photographer, artist, singer and blogger.

The company's main activity is crafting of handmade silver jewelry. The smithy is located in Grundtjärn, a little village in the northern parts of Sweden. We live here and enjoy being near the forest, meadows, lakes and rivers far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Being so close to nature gives us continuous inspiration and creativity which we put into our work and the designs of our jewelry.

Jonna Jinton Jewelry was founded by me (Johan) in 2018. I manage most of the companys procedures, from the purchasing of materials and tools, to the crafting, assembling and packaging of the jewelry. I also take care of the maintenance of the webshop and our customer support. Anyhow, Jonna and I collaborate closely with our companies in different and beneficial ways.

The Dream

About a year ago I became interested in the arts of silver smithing, which grew into something I never thought possible. We re-established a business that Jonna and her Mother Anita a few years earlier had been working with. They had a vision and dream to start crafting and selling jewelry. Initially, both of them started to teach me different designs and techniques, and it was not long until I got the hang of it and started with my own silver smith fineness. By the time we released our first collection of jewelry, my interest had grown into something else. It was no longer a hobby, it became a passion! We put togehter thoughts and ideas and they would slowly come together as a dream. A dream to work with silver smithing full-time. A dream and vision that I did not until recently know that I had and it was to manage a business working from home, together with my fiancé Jonna having everything I love close by.

My dream became a reality. Up until now, I've started my own company in cooperation with my fiancé. I've quit my job as an electrician and I have now my own smithy here at home in Grundtjärn that my mother-in-law kindly passed over to me. It is like an untouched treasure and I will honor this legacy as the best I can. Not only that, I have the beauty of nature outside my window, love and passion in my heart and a longing in my soul to fulfill this wonderful dream.


 Our Jewelry

Our jewelry is crafted with Sterling silver (stamped 925) and some of our designs are also made of copper. They are all handmade from raw materials such as treads, plates or bits, besides chains and mounting parts, such as locks, lace loops and similar pieces.

Most of our designs are inspired by Nature, but also with a special feeling and emotion. We want our jewelry to be something more than just a beautiful accessory. We want to give them a meaning and a purpose that the wearer can feel, relate to and embrace. 

The art work that we provide are not only just beautiful and handmade from scratch. They are a result of our passion and creativity, the very core of true craftsmanship. In our job we do not only devote ourselves to our customers with high quality, we want to give them something else that's much more precious. 
A feeling. A symbol. Something to grow with. Something to stand for. A source of wisdom and strength. 
A thought that resonates fully with its bearer. 

Something more than just jewelry...

Dear Visitor, you are most welcome here in our web shop.  We really do hope that you will enjoy your stay. Feel free to explore the site and if you have any question(s) or concern(s) about anything, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

We hope to hear from you soon!
Take care!

Lots of love.

/Johan & Jonna